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See what students have to say about working with Joshua!

“Josh is an incredible voice teacher who commits to his students’ continued improvement while prioritizing their vocal and emotional health. I’ve increased my upper and lower ranges, expanded into multiple genres, incorporated techniques for singing consistently without strain, and learned how to emote authentically while I sing. His collaborative approach and excellent taste in music make lessons with him fun, engaging, and always insightful.”
Laura Gould, Angel City Chorale

“I could have never guessed how serendipitous it would be when a previous voice coach referred me to Josh. I could not be happier with the decision to become one of his students. After some pretty difficult life events, I had not only lost touch with that part of myself, but I had also lost all confidence in my abilities. I had developed a distrust and resentment of my voice, and needed someone patient enough to go through a long journey of rediscovery with me. I would say 90% of what I have learned from Josh has been how to find and love my own voice again (not to take away from his incredible wealth of knowledge and the very smart direction he gives on technique). It takes a truly special person to be willing to guide someone through the kind of experience I’ve been through. The positive influence he has had on both my ability to sing and enjoy it again is beyond words, and my gratitude is beyond measure. I cannot imagine singing without him. Choosing Josh with something as vulnerable as learning to sing is one of the best decisions you can make. You will not regret it.”
Kathryn Banks, Kathryn Blair Photography

“Josh was the first private voice teacher I ever had. I always would sing, but never had any proper training that propelled me to sing in a healthy manner. I remember my first lesson so clearly, and Josh broke down why I would feel strain in my voice and patiently worked with me to break habitual muscle memory and retrain my vocal cords with careful breathwork. I thank Josh deeply for always supporting, attentively training, and pushing me to grow. Six years later, Josh is still such a dear mentor and someone I can always reach out to for any coaching or needs.”
Charlotte Um, BFA Acting ’23 | University of Michigan; Take 3 Talent Agency

“I started working with Josh after a long singing hiatus following a tonsillectomy, and needless to say I was the most hesitant about singing and performing again. However, within the first year, Josh had helped me regain confidence in my voice, and taught me to unlearn bad habits and sing as healthily as possible. Throughout my years studying with him, he has allowed me to grow as an artist in my own time, while also pushing me to step outside my comfort zone. I owe all my success and progress to Josh’s nurturing and determined guidance. He truly has shaped my voice into something that has helped me book professional contracts over and over again.“
Kayla Shimizu, Lyric Stage Company of Boston; The Wilbury Theatre Group; Reagle Music Theatre

“I’ve been working with Josh for several years now and have never been so confident in myself and my voice. When we first met I struggled with performance anxiety and did not properly understand my skills or range. I now look forward to performing with the studio and challenging myself with new repertoire from Josh!”
Orysell Rivera, 1st Place NATS Boston – Adult Avocational (Musical Theatre)